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Medtronic logo

Medtronic is a global market leader of insulin pumps for insulin dependent patients driving innovation and development in the Type 1 Diabetes area.

We are very proud of our strong partnership with Medtronic allowing us to co-develop their consumables innovations and thereby supporting business growth and outcome. ConvaTec has participated in Medtronic’ steady innovation flow where products from the MiniMed series evidence this long history with global brands such as Quick-set®, Mio™, Mio™ 30, i-port ADVANCE™ and recently the fully automated infusion set Mio™ Advance - all significant proofs.
ConvaTec also manufactures the infusion sets Sure-T™ with stainless-steel needle as well as Silhouette™ with soft cannula.

For further information or enquiries please feel free to contact Medtronic directly or get more information here: Medtronic Minimed


Tandem logo

Tandem Diabetes Care - originating back to 2006 - is a public US medical device manufacturer based in San Diego, CA. The company develops medical technologies for treatment of diabetes and specifically for insulin infusion therapy. Shortly after Tandem Diabetes Care received FDA clearance to market the t:slim™ Insulin Pump, ConvaTec teamed up and started supplying infusion sets such as AutoSoft™ 90 (formerly branded t:90™), AutoSoft™ 30 (formerly branded t:30™), VariSoft™ (formerly branded comfort™ and comfort™ short) as well as TruSteel™ Infusion Set (formerly branded contact™ detach). Recently, Tandem Diabetes Care and ConvaTec Diabetes Care prepared and launched the unique t:lock™ Connector.

For further information or enquiries, please feel free to contact Tandem Diabetes Care directly or get more information and contact details here: Tandem Diabetes Care

Yposomed logo and link

Ypsomed is a leading developer and manufacturer of injection and infusion systems for self-medication and a renowned diabetes specialist with over 30 years’ experience.

Ypsomed provides a range of innovative products and services for people with diabetes mellitus under the global mylife Diabetescare brand.

We are proud supplier of one of our all-in-one infusion sets to Ypsomed under the brand name Ypsopump® inset™.

For further information or enquiries, please feel free to contact Ypsomed directly or get more information and contact details here: Ypsomed

Roche logo

Unomedical a/s – a ConvaTec Group Plc company - is the legal manufacturer of Roche Diabetes Private Labelled Infusion Set Accu-Check™  Tender and TenderLink. Their program also consist of Accu-Check™ FlexLink, UltraLink with standard luer-lock connector. For any enquiries regarding these Roche Diabetes brands, please refer to Roche Diabetes directly or ConvaTec.