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Soft convexity...
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me+ recovery har fokus på rehabilitering etter gjennomgått bukoperasjon

Programmet bygger på enkle og skånsomme øvelser med fokus på å få deg tilbake i form, med overskudd og økt selvfølelse som et resultat. Programmet er inndelt i tre faser: Grønn, Blå og Lilla, basert på ulike nivå i opptreningsfasen. Du har tilgang til alle videoene med øvelser fra de ulike fasene.   

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Before Surgery

Feeling comfortable about your ostomy starts with understanding the procedure and what questions you should ask before surgery. We can help you prepare with questions you should ask about your surgery.

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Right After Surgery

Learn what to expect during the first 12 weeks after surgery, including information about emotional and physical concerns, physical activity, and nutrition tips.

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Living With an Ostomy

You deserve to live life on your own terms, without compromise—including all of the activities you love. We’re here to help you learn how.

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Some ostomy products by Rx only

Esteem™+ Soft Convex is the latest addition to our range of one-piece convexity solutions. The flexibility of Esteem™+ Soft Convex combined with a shallow convexity is designed to be gentle on the skin and deliver comfort.

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Ostomy Product Information

Through our commitment to education, community and advancements in product design and technology, we’re helping every person with an ostomy live life on their terms.

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